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Nature Tamed Juliette Aristides

Trompe L'Oeil with Fig Noah Buchanan

VintageTony Curanaj

Applesauce Adam Forfang

Carin Gerard Carin Gerard

Yellow Flowers Justin Hess

White Pumpkin with Gourds Tara Keefe

Pear Sarah Lamb

Kate Lehman Kate Lehman

Vanitas With Kitten Skull Jeremy Mann

Deruta Edward Minoff

Fish Sticks II Jacob Pfeiffer

Draped Easel 2 Nicholas M. Raynolds

Lemon Press and the Spot Frees Randall Sexton

Anchor and Anchocvies Jason Toney

Curious Connections Anthony Waichulis

Infrastructure Will Wilson

Old Dog New Trick William Bartlett

Chevre and Grapes Jacob Collins

Shop Fan Carl Dobsky

Bell and Howell Projector 1957 Greg Gandy

Waldo Russell Harris

Aurelius Lance Hewison

Various Proofs Douglas Flynt

Peonies Dean Larson

Plumage II Steven J. Levin

Pair Aron Meynell

Bullseye Michael Molnar

Touch of Orange Ted Polomis

Homage To Hemingway Travis Schlaht

Safe and Sound Chris Thomas

Philip's Table Peter Van Dyck

Passionately Curious Slade Wheeler