Nicholas M. Raynolds

Draped Easel I Draped Easel II

Nicholas M. Raynolds was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. As a child he gained his first inspiration to become a painter from his Grandfather who was visiting from Germany. It was under this influence that he acquired the fundamentals of seeing and drawing.

Raynolds began his formal studies in art at the age of 15 in Vancouver, Canada where he later received his BFA. He continued his studies in DŸsseldorf, Germany and in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In pursuit of the mastery of his craft, he attended the Gage Academy of Art (formerly the Seattle Academy of Realist Art). In January of 2001 Raynolds moved to New York to study at the Water Street Atelier and at Studio 126.

His compositions are immediately striking, alternating between the intensity of a single figure to the complex arrangement of dozens of intriguing objects. Highly versatile as an artist, he paints people, nature, architecture, and still lifes with equal amounts of skill. Raynold's palette is earthy, restrained, and accurate. His brushwork varies between looser out-of-door studies to extremely detailed mark making in other works.

In "Homunculus", the word itself meaning "a fully formed, miniature human body", Raynolds has divided his composition into a grid of small wooden cubes. Each square contains mysterious objects that might be found in an alchemistŐs workshop. Less perplexing but equally enchanting are Raynold's graphite studies of a fire escape, an empty industrial space, and even an elevator generator.

Prices range from $1,800 to $25,000.