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Steven J. Levin

Plumage II
Tangerines and Goblet Bowl of Pansies

Steven J. Levin(b. 1964) was classically trained in fine art painting in Minnesota. He has been featured in prestigious group shows in San Francisco, New York, London, and Chicago, as well as the Arnot Art Museum's "Re-Presenting Representation VI" exhibition. He is emerging as a pivotal player in the resurgence of the American Realist Movement and is widely admired by his fellow artists. In recent years, Levin has won numerous awards and prizes in nationwide competitions, including the American Society of Portrait Artists, the Allied Artists of America, The Portrait Institute, American Artist Magazine, Artist's Magazine, the Oil Painters of America and the American Artists Professional League. These are awards given to artists by their peers and attest to his high standing among professional painters.

Levin's work covers a wide spectrum of subject matter. His palette is bold, often containing his striking, signature cherry red. Not satisfied depicting one subject, Levin often pushes himself to produce highly complex works containing dozens of objects, multiple figures, and richly detailed interiors. His series based on museum visitors, for example, contain as many as 10 figures in one painting, each with their own body language and personality as they survey the works of art on view. Among his still life work, his recurring motif of hats can be seen. "Plumage" is an exuberant painting depicting nearly a dozen hats. Varied in color and each hat sporting its own feather, the viewer is reminded how people are as unique as the objects we use to adorn ourselves.

Paintings are priced from $2,500 to $28,000 depending on size and complexity.



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