Hugh Shurley

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Hugh Shurley (b. 1959) is a Bay Area native. Since his debut with John Pence Gallery in 1993, his work has matured and changed greatly in terms of context and the range of his powerful and intriguing imagination. In those years he has taught, lectured, published books and been featured in an impressive string of leading edge publications including Rolling Stone, Premier and Genre as well as a book jacket illustration for Vintage International, London. In addition, he has exhibited with the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY; In Collaboration, Santa Monica and Akron, OH; Villa Montalvo, Los Gatos; ARU , San Francisco; SF Cameraworks; and the Art Center Gallery in Pasadena and is also represented in New York City. His evolution as an artist with a supreme mastery of his media is remarkable. His unique, one-of-a-kind photo montages have developed into a new art form of its own — well beyond mere photography.

His basic tool is the photograph — using layers of a single transparent image while deftly and intricately placing a myriad of other objects between — creating a unique work of art full of intrigue. The found objects and shreds of other photos, historical documents, and personal mementos create a depth of field that mirrors our thought patterns when analyzing and exploring a new discovery. His methodology calls for careful planning, the patience of an artisan at work, and is at once inspiring, shocking, playful and soul-searching. For the viewer, his photo montage compositions are full of movement with hidden meanings revealed upon thoughtful observation. All works are original and one-of-a kind.

Collectors should keep in touch with this web site, or contact the gallery staff to receive photos of this most unique artwork. Many works are on hand and available for advance sales. Prices range from $1,850 to $12,500, depending upon size and the complexity of the assemblages.