Travis Schlaht

Parc en Automne Two Sculptures In The Garden Buck Bom Marche
Lion In Spring des savonniers de Chine Lion in the Garden Luxembourg Gardein in the Early Afternoon Two Sculptures In The Garden
Medicii Fountain Luxembourg Garden Lion (Summer) Back Of Saint Sulpice
Lion In Winter Guardians Of The Garden Parisian Gentlemen Goat

Travis Schlaht (b. 1975) is a graduate of The University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. After graduation, he moved to New York and became affiliated with the Water Street Atelier and blossomed as a painter under the mentorship of the Atelier's founder and leader, Jacob Collins.

Travis Schlaht's paintings include still life, landscape, floral, interior and figurative works, displaying his prowess in all areas of the realist genre. His palette is alluring; ranging from moody darks to sensuously saturated reds, yellows and blues. With confident execution, evocative moods are created that are at once personal and painterly. Richly detailed still life paintings display both his sensitivity and daring bravura as a painter. Travis Schlaht's powerful paintings stand out. He is a young artist with endless potential, and collectors nationwide have taken notice.

Travis lives in Manhattan with his wife, the artist Kate Lehman with their children, Enna and Roman. Prices range from $1,500 to $18,000.