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Robert Liberace

Crouching Atlas Archer
Sleeping Muse
Pointing The Way
Three Shades
The Four Temperments: Choleric and Phlegmatic Afternoon Break The Four Temperments: Sanguine and Melancholic

Robert Liberace received his BFA and MFA from George Washington University. Robert Liberace is equally accomplished in drawing, painting, and sculpture. His work is inspired by the centuries of knowledge, skill, and elegance of the old masters. He works in a variety of mediums including pencil, chalk, pen and ink, watercolor, and oil. In the February 2006 issue of The Artists' Magazine Rob was selected as one of the top 20 artists under the age of forty.

Liberace is perhaps best known for his classic and distinctive style of figure drawing and painting. American Artist magazine highlighted Rob's drawing techniques as the cover feature in their May 2002 annual drawing issue and American Art Collector magazine published an article on his figure painting in their March 2010 issue. Three of Rob's drawings were selected for display in New York's prestigious Arnot Museum of Art.

The human figure is poetry in motion in Liberace's stunning compositions. Muscular torsos twist, limbs reach, expressive hands grab and point, and faces contort to convey a variety of moods. In two separate compositions, Liberace has depicted the four temperaments: "Choleric and Phlegmatic" are paired together in one work, as "Sanguine and Melancholic" are in the other. These paintings embody Liberace's ability to describe a specific human emotion with great accuracy and intensity.

Prices range from $3,950 to $11,000.

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