Dean Larson

Dean Larson Down Washington Street Larson Larson Campo, Venezia
Half Dome Bay Bridge, Soaring Autumn, San Francisco Mt. Tamalpais
Sunset Over The Arno Blue Mornign Rain Traghetto DNight On Pointe Trinita Entrance To The Grand Canal
Castro Ascending Big Sur Glow Of The City Market In Venice Rainy Streets
Duomo, Night The Dance Lesson Russian Hill, Bus Stop Theater Crowd Swimmers On The Rocks
Waterfall, Yosemite Evening, Prague Trees and Snow, Yosemite Rocks and Surf, Lands End
transamerica Down To The Bay The Apartment Down By The River
Dean Larson Children Swimming Snoqualmie Falls Edge Of Emerald Bay
Crossing Leavenworth Rain In The Mission Boats and Harbor (Itay)
Uploading The Boat Northbound on Dolores Street Lands End and Sea Cliff Waterfalls, Rocks, Yosemite

Dean Larson(b. 1957) is a resident of San Francisco with roots on the East Coast, where he has long been associated with the resurgence of the American Realist Movement. He has written books, been extensively featured in numerous art periodicals, and has shown in museums and galleries across the U. S. His solo exhibitions with us have been highly successful. In addition, he participates in all of the gallery's prestigious group and theme shows.

Dean Larson has traveled the world, and is an adventurous artist who thrives on diversity. He enjoys stretching his limits and employing his unique talents to a variety of subjects. He is equally adept with still life, floral, interior, and figurative painting as well as scenes from Europe, the east coast and San Francisco. His brushwork is loose and expressive, giving his figures, objects, and scenes a sense of spontaneity and energy similar to jazz music. Larson's palette is equally exciting, employing intense warm colors complimented by striking greens and blues, which he exaggerates to wonderful effect.

Dean Larson's commissioned portraits and paintings can be found in churches, universities, museums, courthouses and corporate collections. Twice he has won the coveted John and Anna Lee Stacey National Award for oil painting.

Prices for Larson's works range from $1,500 to $22,000 depending on size and complexity.