David Larned

Hill Town

David Larned (b. 1976) began his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts followed by his attendance at the well-known Florence Academy of Art. Afterwards, he earned his BFA with honors from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently residing in Pennsylvania with his wife and fellow artist Sarah Lamb, David Larned has established himself as an award winning, premiere portrait artist. He has shown work in galleries from coast to coast, attracted many high profile commissions, garnered multiple awards, and was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Smithsonian National Portrait Competition.

Larned's abilities as a painter are multi-faceted. He paints still life, figurative, landscape, and interior scenes with equal panache and skill. In his still life work, he manages to capture a variety of interesting textures. Among them; the softly dimpled skin of a lemon, the paper-like layers of an onion, and the milky gleam of a porcelain jug. His figurative work is focused and restrained, recalling the masterful portraiture made in the 19th century. In one painting titled "Siberian", he has painted a woman in an over-sized fur coat. From the various shades of rich chocolate brown, the sitter's face emerges beautifully. Larned has a classical approach to painting, and dazzles the viewer with each lovingly wrought composition.

We encourage you to add LarnedŐs exquisite work to your collection. Prices range from $3,250 to $65,000.