Sarah Lamb

Strawberries And Cream Roses

Sarah K. Lamb (b. 1971) has an impressive exhibition record in fine galleries from coast to coast. Over the years, she has garnered a large following of admiring and discerning collectors. Her works are included in an increasing number of highly touted collections in private homes, corporations, and museums.

Lamb's latest work is devoted to her mastery of still life and floral painting. Her palette is filled with sensuous shades of pinks and creams, as well as flashes of reds, yellows, and oranges. The brushwork is assured, expressive, and loose. Her compositions are elegantly restrained. A remarkable talent for textures have been depicted: freshly baked Italian bread; the cool gleam of a silver vase beneath a canopy of hydrangeas; and the velvet softness of a pansy's petal, for example, are all exquisitely brought to life in paint. Her subject matter is diverse, yet all come together with their charm and rusticity. Antique ship models, weather vanes, and old dusty bottles remind one of Emil Carlsen and the Wyeths.

Prices for Sarah Lamb's work range from $2,850 to $35,000.