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Jason Gaillard
Jason Gaillard Jason Gaillard
Jason Gaillard Jason Gaillard Jason Gaillard
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Jason Gaillard(b. 1965)is a mid-career New York artist who began showing with the John Pence Gallery at the age of 26. He has staged two successful solo exhibitions in San Francisco and has been included in each significant theme show since 1991. In addition to his exhibitions, he has attained a good measure of fame for his life-sized murals that adorn ocean liners, palatial homes, dining establishments, and public buildings from Chicago to Europe.

Gaillard is an especially fine portrait painter, known best for the informality and truthfulness in his figurative work. His palette varies widely from bold to soft, allowing him to accurately convey various moods. Gaillard's scenes are composed from interesting angles and points of view, and offer the viewer a glimpse into his personal world. His brushwork is a marriage of finesse and expression, allowing him to depict a specific person or setting while leaving his painterly marks visible and dynamic.

Gaillard is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has been featured on the cover of American Artist Magazine. Collectors are urged to consider adding a Gaillard to your collection. His prices range from $1,000 to $25,000, depending upon size and complexity of the subject



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