Douglas Flynt

Sand and Shells
Pear and Cherries
Two Tigers
Silver and Chocolate Revisited

Douglas Flynt (b. 1978) artistic education includes a BFA and a BA in History and Criticism of Art from Florida State University as well as a MFA from the New York Academy of Art. While studying at Florida State University, he apprenticed with the vice chair of the Portrait Society of America, Edward Jonas. Later he studied under Jacob Collins and Michael Grimaldi at the Water Street Atelier.

Flynt has honed his considerable skills throughout the years and developed into an extraordinary painter. His works are composed with a precise, masterful touch and rendered in great detail. The palette he employs is at once rich, earthy, and dramatic. His still life paintings are beautifully balanced, and offer an array of dazzling surface qualities—the transparent gleam of an empty wine glass, the opaque black-violet of a bottle of red wine, or a stack of Oreos on a porcelain plate.

Flynt has a strong command of talent in portraying a wide variety of subjects. Whether in the genre of still life, landscape, trompe l'oeil, interior or figure, his talents are seemingly limitless. The objects he depicts are uncannily realistic, and urge the viewer to come close to admire Flynt’s impeccable brushwork. He is indeed a rising star in the American Realist Movement. Prices range from $2,200 to $22,000.