Tony Curanaj
Tony Curanaj Limes

Tony Curanaj (b. 1973) was born and raised in New York. He is a young, dynamic, multi-talented painter who studied at the School of Visual Arts, The National Academy of Design and the acclaimed Water Street Atelier

Although his focus was always on classical painting, Tony did start his fine art career as an innovator and a legendary influence in the worldwide graffiti scene (known as "SUB"), and a founder of the esteemed "D.F" crew. His reputation for executing work of the highest quality landed him a position with Disney as a head designer and painter. In the late l990s, Curanaj met Jacob Collins and became a member of The Water Street Atelier, an institution founded on the ideals of academic realism, where his studies and skills flourished.

Curanaj's paintings are beautifully composed. His palette is comprised of rich, vibrant primary colors balanced with muted earth tones. The subjects he chooses to depict are masterfully executed and impressively diverse: a lavish, intensely red still life featuring objects of varying texture; single objects set against a distressed white wall; contemplative figures; and the French countryside, to name a few. In each work, Curanaj displays his mastery in describing life’s smallest details.

Curanaj currently teaches painting and drawing at The Grand Central Academy in New York City. Prices range from $2,800 to $48,500.