Juliette Aristides

Zephyr Frieze View Evening Spark
Morning Fox Portal The Bather
Paris Sartoiro and the Fox The Dynamo Hudson River
Laurel chain Nectarines Alone Together Sketch of Laynie New Year's Day
Sketch of Tessa Pomegranate The Naturalist The Oracle Yma

Juliette Aristides (b. 1971) is a mid-career artist living in Seattle, Washington. She has studied at The National Academy of Design and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Aristides is an Elizabeth Greenshields Grant recipient.

Juliette Aristides is actively dedicated to rebuilding a traditional arts education in the United States. She was an original member of the Water Street Atelier and currently teaches at The Seattle Academy of Fine Art, where she founded the award winning Classical Atelier Program. Aristides is a regular contributor to Artist Magazine and has published two books; Classical Drawing Atelier and Classical Painting Atelier.

Aristides' brushwork is comprised of expressive, flowing strokes, giving each object she paints a sense of movement. Her palette is bold and lively, and she pursues a variety of subjects from perfectly composed still lifes to dramatic figurative work. Her work invites the viewer to share an inner world as she explores her identity through the roles of artist, teacher, historian and mother. The drawings are examples of her extraordinary draftsmanship, and provide a glimpse into the complex structure of her seemingly effortless painting style.

Prices for her work range form $1,950 to $18,000, depending upon size and complexity.