Robert Maione
1932 - 1987

Wales Russian River Laragnol on the Lot

Low Tide at Haun Mull, Scotland Moonlit Glow
Nova Scotia low Oregon Beach

Road To Calm


Rocky View from Treshnish

Agello Spring Poplars

Robert Maione (1932 - 1987) was an American landscape painter who was represented by John Pence from 1976 until his untimely death in 1987. His classical paintings of scenes worldwide drew critical acclaim from critics and collectors in San Francisco, New York, London, Washington, and Italy.

Maione's paintings are lush with color and full of atmospheric effects. For the most part, he eschewed people in favor of out-of-the-way vistas. Many of his scenes were difficult to reach and in some cases his creation may have been the first time that scene had been depicted by a painter. He was a constant traveler and had devised ingenious methods to carry his materials to remote areas. He painted in the United States, Mexico, throughout Central and South America, France, Italy, England, Spain, and loved to visit the Pacific Islands to capture epic cloud formations and the dusty existence of native cultures.

More than 600 paintings are in private and public collections world wide. The Estate includes numerous small and medium sized paintings from points far and wide. The gallery is interested in acquiring paintings by this brilliant 20th century American Classicist. Prices for Maione's works range from $650 - 2,200 (drawings) to $1,800 - 45,000 (paintings).